Exercise Safety

STAR America

The School for Training and Advanced Resources (STAR America) provides educational resources that are in compliance with the standards and guidelines established by the Exercise Safety Association. As an extension of ESA, these resources serve fitness instructor and personal trainer candidates, current fitness instructors and personal trainers working to earn certification, and fitness instructors and personal trainers that are currently certified by ESA. STAR America develops training programs that prepare a candidate to complete the Exercise Safety Association's certification examinations and creates continuing education programs, educational articles, and various academic resources.

Additionally, the School for Training and Advanced Resources serves as a vehicle for ESA member involvement, career growth, and professional recognition.

STAR America supports ESA through four programs:

  • Certification Training Programs are designed to provide the information needed to complete the Exercise Safety Association certification examinations.
  • STAR America Representatives are ESA certified instructor/members who provide continuing education resources and training to prepare for the ESA certification examinations.
  • STAR Advanced Proficiency Certification is a high level certification awarded by the Exercise Safety Association recognizing ESA certified instructor/members that earn a minimum of three ESA certifications.
  • STAR Continuing Education provides on-going support and educational resources for ESA certified instructor/members.