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PAK 206: Integrated Fitness Counselor

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The Integrated Fitness Counselor training introduces body/mind fitness techniques that will enhance a fitness program. The course covers a variety of complementary and alternative health and fitness modalities that create an awareness of the connection. It is intended to provide a fitness instructor and personal trainer with modern holistic methods--relaxation, visualization, self-massage, breathing exercises, meditation, fundamental Yoga exercises, and the use of colors, aroma, and Feng Shuei to enhance classroom environment. The course also demonstrates a connection between ancient eastern techniques and modern scientific principles.

 At the end of the training a candidate with be able to define wellness and holistic health, discuss the difference between being "fit" and being healthy, identify the twelve qualities of wellness, enumerate at least three reasons why people are seeking alternative health and fitness modalities, define the term alternative, explain at least ten different practices, demonstrate at least five complimentary techniques that can be incorporated into a basic fitness program, and discuss toxicity and risk factors.

  • ESA Member Price: $199.00
  • Non-Member Price: $225.00
  • Pre-Requisite: None

Price Includes:

  • Lateral Slide Instructor Resource Training Workbook;
  • ESA Lateral Slide Certification Examination;
  • Contact information of an expert instructor trainer assigned to assist you with live telephone or email support;
  • Non-members receive a one year membership with the first order;
  • ESA members earn .6 Continuing Education Credits/Units.

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