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PAK 200: Nutrition Specialist

ESA Certification Training Programs
ESa Certification Training Programs

The Nutrition Specialist training program is an in-depth scientific analysis of the principles of human nutrition with emphasis on health. This comprehensive course covers nutrition basics, the nutrients, nutrient utilization, and practical aspects. It also covers definitions, sources of the major and minor nutrients, the I.U. system, energy and caloric requirements, nutrient density, a summary of the FDA guidelines and history of the visuals--four food groups to food plate. In addition, candidates will learn methods to determine body composition and ideal body weight, general recommendations for healthy weight loss, the myths of popular fad diets, and three ways to assemble healthy diets--FDA guidelines, nutrition exchange, and by calories considering nutritional quality. The course also covers information regarding food safety, nutritional supplementation, and emotional eating patterns. Legal and ethical concerns consider the role of the fitness leader in understanding healthy nutritional habits.

  • ESA Member Price: $199.00
  • Non-Member Price: $225.00
  • Pre-Requisite: None

Price Includes:

  • Comprehensive 200 page Nutrition Specialist Resource Training Textbook;
  • Nutrition Specialist Workbook filled with learning activities;
  • ESA Nutrition Specialist Certification Examination;
  • Contact information of an expert instructor trainer assigned to assist you with live telephone or email support;
  • Non-members receive a one year membership with the first order;
  • ESA members earn .6 Continuing Education Credits/Units.

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DISCLAIMER: Since nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand, this course is intended to equip a fitness leader with a strong working knowledge of good nutrition in order to ACCURATELY ANSWER THE GENERAL QUESTIONS of their clientele. Although the course contains in-depth information, it is NOT intended to prepare a candidate for any type of role as an individual dietary consultant. The term specialist indicates a highly specialized type of training and a person who has studied nutrition in great detail. However, that person is NOT QUALIFIED to assemble dietary programs and act in the capacity of a dietician, which requires additional training, and licensing. Any use of this certification in that capacity or advertising as a dietician is unethical and in most states illegal. This course provides extensive credible information to work in facilities that provide fitness and nutrition information.